High Gloss was a direct response to twelve months of travel. It was an exciting experiment and family collaboration that took place as part of an Artist Residency at the old skool cool Carlton Arms Hotel in NYC across February | March 2017. 

'TURN AND FACE THE STRANGE' was the 35th Annual opening of new rooms for the Hotel featuring work from an eclectic international gathering of artists-in-residence from Sweden, Germany, Scotland and the US. 

Four completely new rooms and two updated rooms were opened at the Hotel on March 9th 2017.

High Gloss is three things:

1. A real Hotel room that you can stay in at the Carlton Arms Hotel in NYC.

2. A soundscape.

3. An immersive one on one journey designed for travellers on the evening of the opening.

Dear Guest(s) of room 7C please enjoy your stay at the Carlton Arms Hotel in NYC and for the most immersive experience whilst staying please access the soundscape below to accompany our room.


We really enjoyed making it for you.

Sharron, Ben and Joan Lily : )

High Gloss Soundscape for Room 7C

Poster design by Darek Solarski


I've just found out that I have secured a residency in NYC collaborating with my wife (who is a theatre maker and director) and our 5 year old bairn. In early 2017 we will spend at least 4 weeks in New York investigating creating a new work together inspired by our recent 12 month trip circumnavigating the globe.